Testimonials 2015


Xiqiao Huang

Emory University

Cisco Systems, Inc., Hallbergmoos


“I really like this internship, and it fulfills all my expectations. I work as a financial controlling intern in the company, so I am able to apply my academic knowledge of finance and accounting into my daily work routine. By participating in various projects, I am able to not only learn business related knowledge and German business culture, but also develop practical skills (such as data analytical skills, communication skills and presentation skills). I am truly grateful of Cisco and AmCham for giving me such great opportunities and unforgettable experiences.“

Polina Kyriushko

Washington and Lee University

DZ BANK AG, Frankfurt


“Working in DZ Bank I improved my knowledge of finance and developed my analytical and problem-solving skills. I started feeling more comfortable using different computer programs and learned some new finance software. Apart from that, I got the experience of working in a team and learned to effectively use feedback in order to improve my performance. I was very lucky to work in a department with people who were always willing to teach me something new and at the same time to listen to my own suggestions and ideas. I greatly appreciated the atmosphere of cooperation in our team and always felt inspired and motivated.”

Claire Lingenfelter

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

DuPont de Nemours (Deutschland) GmbH, Neu-Isenburg


“All-in-all, my internship with DuPont was an excellent experience. I became friends with a fantastic, international team of people, who constantly and kindly invited me to hang out with them outside of work. I learned about an industry I never knew existed and was pleased to find that after a few months I could speak industrial jargon and follow most conversations about this training and that process, et cetera. I honed my visual design and PowerPoint skills and learned how to use several programs for storing and processing data, to which I would have never otherwise been exposed. […] It was a great summer!”

Lindsay Owings

University of Georgia

ARAG SE, Düsseldorf


“The AmCham program gave me an opportunity that would have been hard to find anywhere else. [… ] I especially loved being fully immersed in the German culture, in both the personal world and business world. […] I think the most important thing that I gained was an international perspective on things. […] Here not only was I abroad, but I worked in an international department, so I got to deal with even more countries. This definitely prepares me to work internationally in the future and gave me lots of experience in dealing with other cultures in a professional manner. I also learned a lot about the insurance industry and the interworking of how it operates. All of this I think is so valuable to my future and my career and I am very thankful to have been given this opportunity.”

Burke Ugarte

Washington & Lee University

Ernst & Young GmbH, Eschborn


“The entire experience was wholly rewarding. I was able to combine very practical work experience, language acquisition, and cultural awareness in one summer. And was paid to do it! […] [T]he corporate experience I received was wholly rewarding as well and leaves me well informed for the work environments I will pursue in the future. The friends and experiences gained abroad will be held forever fondly as one of the more formative experiences in my life.”