Testimonials 2014


Kathleen Donovan

Emory University

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants GmbH, München


"I certainly learned a lot about marketing, since I knew practically nothing about it before. If I pursue a career in any area of marketing, what I learned this summer (marketing strategy, design, writing/editing (publishing)..) would definitely be useful. I also gained valuable knowledge about all the complex external AND internal interactions that affect a business, and about all the pieces and parts (so many different departments and jobs that I had never even thought of) that go into a company... This was my first internship, so the workings of large firms was a complete mystery to me. I feel this knowledge will be useful, no matter what career I pursue. If anything, I understand now why upper-level corporate decision making is so incredibly difficult and inherently uncertain... I understand now why management consultants exist!"

Dominic Hochberger

Kennessaw State University

Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt


"This internship was one of the best opportunities I have had to increase my knowledge of German business culture. I was very satisfied with my work place and the skills I picked up there. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in international studies or German culture."

Katharina Miles

Emory University

Amgen GmbH, München


"I very much enjoyed my internship at Amgen GmbH. I am pre-med at Emory and had already taken a lot of Chemistry and Biology classes prior to my internship. This background knowledge allowed me to take full advantage of my work and set a basis on which I was able to expand my knowledge. I always had interesting and exciting work to do and enjoyed my co-workers. Amgen was always very helpful and sought to it that I learned a lot in my short time as an intern. Living in Munich was also a wonderful experience and the city was an exciting place to be during the world cup."

Nicole Porter

Washington and Lee University

Tyco Electronics AMP GmbH, Bensheim


"I am walking away from this with real work experience, due to the immense trust that my mentor and my bosses put in me. They gave me more work than I thought I could ever handle, but their trust in my abilities motivated me to go beyond what I thought I could do. Looking back, I am so grateful that my co-workers treated me like a real employee, rather than simply an intern. I have the skills to evaluate offers from suppliers, create bidding overviews, and conduct professional conversations in person and in emails. I talked on the phone with suppliers in German and presented projects in large sourcing meetings. The skills that I acquired from presenting to computer skills to critical thinking will be helpful in any future job. Overall, this internship has given me assurance and confidence that I am able to enjoy living in a country that isn’t my own and that I can begin to feel comfortable there. I am walking away with even more respect and appreciation for the culture and the language, as well as great experiences, and great friends and connections that will last for years. Thank you for your efforts and your support!"

Zach Rachuba

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

United Parcel Service Deutschland Inc. & Co., Neuss


"It was hard for me to have very exact expectations before I started the internship, but I think my experience roughly matched what I had imagined. Nothing in life is perfect, but I think the internship was a very rewarding opportunity. Speaking German in everyday life and at work certainly helped improve my language skills. I also gained an introduction to the business world, learning good work habits and gaining insight about the German business culture. Working in Procurement helped me learn about the process in which firms purchase what they need to operate."

Keller Street

Piedmont College

Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA, Bad Homburg


"I was surprised at how much my team allowed me to do and what work they gave me. It was great! I also really appreciated the chance to partake in the FRANC conference. I learned about the German language, German culture, and general office/business life. As well as the generic language, culture, and lifestyle, I learned a lot about biology and my field of study through my close work on training presentations here as well as the previously mentioned FRANC conference. I have learned how to conduct myself in an office environment as well as a professional environment. There are a lot of things that you can’t learn in a classroom and this internship was a great way to get out of the class and learn first-hand."

Loren Tamas

Georgia State University

Smith Legal LLP, Weinstadt


"I didn’t quite know what to expect from the internship as I have not completed one before and believe, in any case, that it could vary widely depending on industry and office. That being said, I did enjoy my experience. I was able to learn a little of the intricacies in managing an international business and having to deal with the quirks different cultures have. Although some knowledge I gained was very specific to litigation, it was still an interesting educational experience reading through cases and seeing international processes of law. It has made me more aware of what aspects to focus on when conducting international business, which I believe I can apply to my future goals."